Knowing when it’s appropriate to sell or scrap a car can be a difficult decision. There’s an opportunity for more money from a sale, but it comes at the cost of time and energy. Scrapping is a considerably easier process, and removes the headache caused by selling, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

Not Just Junkers

Scrap Car MontrealMost think that Scrap My Car’s services are exclusively for old, junk cars that are effectively un-sellable. This is not the case. Scrap My Car is also in the business of purchasing vehicles, on-the-spot, for among the highest payouts in the industry. If you have a car that isn’t scrap, and still has value, contact Scrap My Car and we will gladly come take it off your hands!

If you’re not interested in the extensive process associated with a car sale, consider calling Scrap My Car for a same-day pickup! An option for getting rid of unwanted vehicles that not many are aware of, Scrap My Car offers residents of Montreal a convenient middle-ground between junking a car and selling it. Skip the hassle of a car sale, but don’t sacrifice the value of your vehicle, by contacting Scrap My Car!

Convert Old Cars to Cash

If it IS the case that a vehicle you’d like to get rid of doesn’t run, is rusted out, or simply cannot be sold via conventional channels for any reason; Scrap My Car will pay to take it off your hands! If we can’t reuse a car, we can recycle it parts. Scrap My Car is an important member of an extensive network of organizations that can turn any vehicle, not matter it’s state, into value. Whether it be parting the car out and selling its components, or simply selling the metal; Scrap My Car is willing to pay top dollar for access to your old, unwanted vehicle.

Any Car, Any Condition, Top Dollar Paid

Scrap Car MontrealWhether your car be brand new, or a rusted heap; Scrap My Car is willing to put money in your pocket in order to take it off your hands today. For cars that run, there’s no need to go through the complex and time-consuming process of a car sale, simply call Scrap My Car and we’ll pay to save you the hassle. If your car doesn’t run, there’s no need to let its presence cause you stress any longer. No matter where it is or what condition it’s in, Scrap My Car will come and get it. To get rid of any car, in any condition, call Scrap My Car today.