Rain or shine, summer or winter, it does not matter what the weather is like. If you've got a junk because you'd like to convert to cash today.

Is Your Car Buried in Snow and Ice?

Montreal Junk Car RemovalWe do not care! Give us a call, tell us where it is, and we'll get you in your hands!

So many wait till spring to get rid of their junk car for ice and snow makes it impossible. After many years in the business, Scrap My Car has established a significant amount of experience.

With Scrap My Car, you do not have to wait. Get in touch today and turn your car into cash!

Trapped Behind Trees, Fences, or Other Obstructions?

Do not worry about those one!

Scrap My Car has a whole range of equipment and techniques that can be used to navigate your obstacles!

If you've got a junk vehicle anywhere on your property, when you call My Car Scrap, getting it out is not your problem.

We have hundreds of stories of hard-to-reach places, and pride ourselves in finding ways to get them out. It does not matter if it's deep inside a forest, half buried, or underwater! If it can be removed, you can be sure that My Car Scrap will be able to remove it.

Environmentally Friendly

Operating in all areas of the United Kingdom, Scrap My Car is committed to providing a convenient, environmentally friendly option to existing vehicles. All it takes is getting in touchand we can send your team to ASAP. Always able to provide same-day service, get you off the road or get your hands on your property.

Montreal Junk Car RemovalWe have a special emphasis on environmental stewardship. When parts can be re-used, we will remove them from your vehicle and see them again. When parts can not be reused, the materials are made of often can. Metal, Plastic, Rubber, and often even when you're in the market.

If you or someone you know has a junk because they'd like to get rid of, simply get in touch with My Car Scrap, put cash in your pocket, and leave the rest to us!