Montreal winters are notoriously tough on cars, especially those that do not see much use. Salt and frequent freeze-thaw cycles deteriorate the metal, plastics, and rubber your vehicle is composed of. If you're looking to get rid of a vehicle, it's always best to do it before it's had to sit through winter. Find out how to get the most out of your cars and get rid of them before the first freeze-thaw cycle of the year!

Montreal Winters

scrap car winterThere's an old joke that you never see a full windshield, because of the gravel they use on roads; you never see it in Ontario, because the province is required to be used instead. The fact of the matter is that Ontario, and Montreal especially, presents a 'perfect storm' of environmental conditions to deteriorate vehicles. Not only does the salt get dirty on the road, but every day it's always a good thing, but every day it's a free cycle. Salt and freeze-thaw cycles are rough on normal vehicles, but even worse on those do not see much (or any) use. Because they are not in motion or never, they are continually deteriorating, salt eroding metal day and night.

Scrap Before Winter

Because winter is so tough on metal, rubber, and plastic; it's always in the best interests of those looking at scrap vehicles that they do so before winter. Metal that still retains it's integrity fetches a better price than rusted metal, so when it comes to it you'll want to do everything you can to ensure it's integrity. Moreover, it is always easier to retrieve vehicles before and makes them easier to use and operate. Regardless of whether your vehicle is inoperable or in sellable condition, its always best to call Scrap My Car before the first freeze of the season, so get in touch!

scrap car winterScrap My Car

Scrap My Car offers service to the entire Montreal area, and consistently offers the highest payouts in the car-scrapping industry. Regardless of the condition of your unwanted vehicle, if you're looking to skip the hassle of selling or leaving it out, and want to payout now, get in touch with Scrap My Car before the first freeze of the season.