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Get Rid of Your Heavy Machinery Today (514) 548-2763

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 Recycle Your Heavy Equipment With Scrap My Car Montreal.

Construction equipment

Do you have construction equipment that no longer works or is really old? Looking to get rid of it, but don't know how? With Scrap My Car, all you have to do is request a quote, schedule an assessment and a payback day and then get paid for it. The Scrap My Car team takes care of everything, including the recovery, disposal and scrapping of construction equipment. Contact Scrap My Car Montreal today to recycle your construction equipment in Montreal.

Industrial equipment

If you own a factory, a production facility, or something in between you know that equipment ends up breaking or wearing out. However, what are you supposed to do once this happens? The easiest and fastest way to remove industrial equipment is to contact the Scrap My Car team in Montreal. Just give them a call, send a message or email to request a quote, schedule a review and pickup, and get paid. We'll assess the equipment, you pay for it, and get rid of it.

Heavy machinery

Heavy machinery is exactly that - heavy, so getting rid of it once it's old or broken down can really be a hassle. Scrap My Car can make everything easier with a quick and easy process, which also includes payment. Contact Scrap My Car to come and get rid of your heavy machinery in three simple steps; text, call or email for a quote, schedule an assessment and pickup time, then receive payment for your heavy machinery to be scrapped. Save time, money and hassle and contact Scrap My Car.

Get Rid of Your Heavy Machinery Today (514) 548-2763

tel: 819-209-0415

Benefits of destroying heavy machinery

Fast - Scraping heavy machinery, industrial equipment and construction equipment is quick and easy with Scrap My Car. Just contact us and schedule an assessment and pickup as soon as possible, at a time that is most convenient for you.

Simple - Scrap My Car will pick up your heavy machinery, industrial equipment, and construction equipment in Montreal, which means you just have to call and we'll take care of the rest. We will pick up the equipment wherever you are, while paying you in return.

Payment - Not only do we collect your old heavy machinery, industrial and construction equipment from your home, but you also receive payment for the equipment in return. Payment will be determined after an evaluation of the equipment, its condition and size.

Why choose Scrap My Car Montreal?

Best payer in Montreal

Get paid on the spot

We come to you

Ecological recycling

Serving ALL Montreal

Option to donate to charity

Same day service available

Fully licensed and insured staff

Quick response - don't wait!